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People Development

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People Development

People call us when:

  • Leaders need to inspire their people

  • Teams are in conflict or struggling with their strategy implementation

  • A conference needs an injection of excitement and thought provocation


 One of our clients won "Best Organisation to work for" in the 2014 Investors in People Awards.

Here's the citation:

“CliniMed/ Securi Care have recognised that exemplar performance requires outstanding leadership and management. They have developed a bespoke Leadership Development Programme that is based on the values of the company resulting in an involved, empowered and engaged workforce. The LDP is the ‘bedrock’ of their organisation.”

(I have run the LDP - Leadership Development Programme - since 2001 for CliniMed SecuriCare)


And another from Lucy Mediratta, Head of HR at m-hance ltd.

(after Values & Competencies workshop for all staff)


"The feedback I have received from the workshops has been overwhelming positive. You really did get to the heart of what we were trying to achieve in my opinion.


Thanks for all the time, energy and expertise you put into the workshops."


And finally, from Grahame Jones, Technical Manager at CareFlex Ltd:

"Thank you again for your hard work, time, expertise, company and inspiration. We’ve had very positive responses from attendees who’ve got a lot out of the days. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I hope we can match it over the coming months as the (new product) goes live in the market".


Our specialism is people.  Our passion is development.

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telephone 01242 609031

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